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1. Learning Based Image Enhancement

Presenter:Yen-Wei Chen
International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment 2013,
Pacifico YOKOHAMA, Japan, 2013.12.5 (Invited Talk)

2. Fundamentals and Applications of Super Resolution in Medical Imaging

Presenter:Yen-Wei Chen
The 35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC’13),
Osaka, Japan, 2013.7.3

3. 計算解剖モデルによる計算機支援診断と手術支援

電気四学会関西支部 専門講習会, 大阪中央電気倶楽部, 2014.1.24 (特別講演)

4. Haptic Collaborative Virtual Environment Technologies and its Application -Towards Anywhere at Any time Hands-on Surgery Training-

Presenter:Hiromi Tanaka
20th Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision, Okinawa, Japan, 2014.2.4-6 (Invited Talk)

5. MR image guided microwave ablation of liver tumors. -From a low field open-configuration system to a high field closed-bore system

S - 9th Joint Workshop on Machine Perception and Robotics Oct 31- Nov 1, 2013, Kyoto. (Invited)

6. 布地触覚センサ

日本繊維機械学会 e-テキスタイル研究会,大阪科学技術センタービル,2014年3月10日

7. 住空間における快覚醒・快睡眠のデザイン開発

講演者:萩原 啓
大学連携 第4回立命館大学シリーズ講演会、
グランフロント大阪 ナレッジキャピタル(7F ナレッジサロン G・Hルーム)、2014年2月24日(月)

8.Towards Anywhere at Anytime Hands-on Surgery Training - Haptic Collaborative Virtual Environment Technology and Medical Application

Presenter: Hiromi Tanaka
The 3rd KES International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (KES-InMed15), Sep. 11-12, 2015, Kyoto, Japan (Keynote Talk)

9.Computational Anatomy: Towards Automatic Understating of Human Anatomy

Presenter: Yen-Wei Chen
2017 Devices for Integrated Circuit (DevIC), March 23-24, 2017, Kolkata, Indian (Keynote Talk)